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Michael B.

My name is Michael. I have been in the Home Improvement industry
for over 20 years. I have seen the effects of hard and highly chlorinated water
on a home’s plumbing as well as fixtures, appliances and people’s skin and
hair. I started with Culligan 2 years ago and have been interested in healthy water for many years. I was living 1 hour south of Flint, Michigan when the Lead crisis hit that community. I have lived here for several years now, and I have become passionate about my family’s water and helping other people improve theirs. My daughter developed eczema and I personally saw how it negatively affected her life with cracked scaly skin. The rest of my family experienced itchy skin and my wife being a hair stylist hated her hair. By treating my own water, I have eliminated what we were experiencing in our home. I look forward to helping provide clean healthy water to others in my community. I spend my free time fishing, kayaking, riding bikes and swimming with my family and meeting new people at our home in Bradenton.


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