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Chad C.

My name is Chad and I started with Mast Family Culligan in
September of 2010. I have been working with water in some capacity for 30
years. This includes the medical, plumbing, and water treatment fields.
Some of the roles I have or have had with this dealership are : water
consultant, business/network liaison through BNI, in-house
training/educator on science and medical issues related to water treatment,
and senior water specialist. Previously, in my medical career, I took an oath
to protect the public’s health. Working at Culligan allows me to do this by
educating and informing the public on the value of water treatment. I have
lived in this area for 21 years and I am very proud of my daughter and son-
in-law in the military. In my off time I enjoy scuba diving, fishing, hunting,
horses, and history.


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