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    Starting with a free water consultation, Culligan provides a no-obligation opportunity to understand your water quality and needs, ensuring you can make an informed decision without any pressure to purchase.

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    This initial step allows you to pick out the water system that is right for your home, tailored to address specific concerns and improve your overall water quality.

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    The quality of Culligan Water is a testament to their commitment to providing solutions that offer softer skin, cleaner dishes, and better-tasting water, ensuring that every tap in your home delivers water you can trust.

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    Culligan prides itself on hassle-free maintenance, offering white-glove service that includes regular check-ups and deliveries, such as salt for your water softener, to ensure your system operates perfectly without any effort on your part.

Who Is Culligan Water For?

Hard water can cause scaling in pipes, reduce the lifespan of appliances, and make cleaning more difficult. Homeowners looking to protect their investments (appliances, plumbing) and improve their daily water usage experience should consider a water softener system as a solution.

Especially if you have children, you should be concerned about the effects of hard water on skin and hair. Water softeners alleviate skin conditions and improve overall health and comfort.

Individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact can make their home more efficient and reduce the need for detergents and soaps, thus minimizing their overall ecological footprint (and saving money!)

If you are passionate about cooking, coffee, or tea, you seek the highest quality water to ensure the best taste of their beverages and dishes. Reverse osmosis systems can provide the pure water needed to meet their high standards.

Investing in water softeners and filters will enhance tenant satisfaction, reduce maintenance costs associated with hard water damage, and increase property value.

Households with vulnerable members, such as young children, pregnant women, or the elderly, who may be more affected by waterborne contaminants. Advanced filtration systems like reverse osmosis can ensure their drinking water is safe.

Residents in areas where the water supply is known to be contaminated with pollutants such as PFAS, lead, nitrates, fluoride, or other harmful chemicals can get peace of mind and health safety.

You maintain aquariums, especially saltwater tanks, that requires pure water to ensure the health of aquatic life. Reverse osmosis systems can remove harmful chemicals and provide the clean water necessary for sensitive marine ecosystems.

You are looking for long-term savings on bottled water purchases, aiming to reduce plastic waste and enjoy the convenience of clean water directly from your taps.

Product Benefits

With The Culligan Aquasential Smart Series You Get:

Longer Appliance Life

Safe Drinking Water

No Odors

Reduced Staining

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We love our Culligan Systems! We have had our Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier since 1998. And our first Water Softener System for a little over 20 years.

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Culligan is a company that offers exceptional water filtration and reverse osmosis equipment services. It also offers excellent service and a technical installation team that goes above and beyond to satisfy its customers.

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We have a service contract with Culligan and they keep our soft water system running in tip-top condition. I would recommend Culligan to others considering buying a soft water system and also those considering having Culligan maintain their system.


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We Have Answers!

What does a typical RO system remove from water?

A Culligan reverse osmosis system (RO system) is a water purifier that reduces or eliminates nearly 50 different types of chemicals and other impurities. Some examples of what RO can remove include, but are not limited to, toluene, lead, PCBs, dichloropropenes, trichloroethanes, insecticides, and ethylbenzene.

Are RO filters really as good as bottled water?

Absolutely. A reverse osmosis (RO) system employs a number of processes to produce great-tasting, low-sodium drinking water. An RO system eliminates around 97% of total dissolved solids (TDS) like salt and sodium from your water. Most bottled water companies, including Culligan, use reverse osmosis in their bottling process. So with a reverse osmosis system, you are essentially getting “bottled water without the bottle.”

Does Culligan have a satisfaction guarantee?

If you aren’t completely satisfied by your water products or services, we offer a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

What is the difference between softening and filtering water?

Filtering water is the process of separating impurities like minerals, particulates, iron, hydrogen sulfide, or any other organic matter, from the water. This is achieved by passing the water through a “filter bed” or “media bed,” which traps impurities and cleans the water.

Softening water involves an “ion exchange” process that removes dissolved solids like magnesium, calcium, iron, and manganese from water. These dissolved solids can’t be captured by a filter bed. Water softeners use resin beads with sodium ions attached to the resin. The resin attracts dissolved calcium and magnesium, exchanging its sodium ions for the dissolved solids and ridding the water of those impurities.

Do I need a filter or a softener?

To determine if you need a water filter system or a water softening system, you must first determine what impurities are in your water. Culligan Water Filters will eliminate particles in your water that can cause staining, odors, and excessive cleaning. A home water filter from Culligan will protect you and your family from undesirable impurities in your water.